About your safety


  1. ALWAYS handle and store wheels in a careful manner, dry and safe.
  2. ALWAYS visually inspect all wheels before mounting for possible damage.
  3. ALWAYS make sure operating speed specified for machine does not exceed wheel speed.
  4. ALWAS check mounting flange is in a good condition and has correct diameter.
  5. ALWAYS safely enclose wheels when moving to avoid damage.
  6. ALWAYS wear safety glasses or other eye protection equipment, glove and ear cover.
  7. ALWAYS use a safety guard covering at least a half of the wheel diameter.
  8. ALWAYS allow newly mounted wheels to run at operating speed, for at least 1 minute before starting grinding.


  1. DON’T use a wheel that is damage or has been dropped
  2. DON’T modify mounting flange or DON’T use a wheel that is too tight or too loose.
  3. DON’T use the wheel at its maximum or over operation speed specified.
  4. DON’T tighten the mounting nut too excessively.
  5. DON’T use the side of the wheel to grind unless the wheel is specially designed for that purpose.
  6. DON’T start machine without safety guard in place.
  7. DON’T let scraps of work piece get into the wheel.
  8. DON’T stand directly in front of a grinding or cutting machine while machine is being operated.