Inox Cutting Wheel ADVANCE


Size (Diameter x Thickness x Bore): Display on specification table

Use for: Cutting Stainless Steels (Inox)



Produced from high-quality Aluminum Oxide (White Triangle Shape Sand) which has special hardness and special sharpness, and reinforcing with fiber glass coated by special-grade resinoid form Germany,. Therefore, they can endure high compressing force and pressing force suitable best for heavy works.

Having low erosion rate and due to their sharpness, no rust and no burning spot left on work pieces and also no smoke and no smell annoying users.


Appropriate for cutting stainless steel, wrought iron and round bar. WA is used for Stainless only, while AWA can be used for both Stainless and Steel.


Inox Cutting Wheel
Use Size (mm) Size(inch) Grade Grain No. Max RPM Packing (Pcs./Box) Carton (Pcs./Cart.)
Cutting Inox 100*2*16 mm 4*5/64*5/8 inch WA 36-120 14.000 RPM 50 500
Cutting Inox 125*2*22 mm 5*5/64*7/8 inch WA 36-120 12.300 RPM 50 200
Cutting Inox 150*2*22 mm 6*5/64*7/8 inch WA 36-120 10.200 RPM 50 200
Cutting Inox 180*2*22 mm 7*5/64*7/8 inch WA 36-120 8.500 RPM 50 200
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