Grinding Wheel ADVANCE


Size (Diameter x Thickness x Bore): Display on specification table

Use for: Cutting Steels



Produced from high-quality sand and fiber glass, bonded by special resinoid. So our wheels are durable, flexible and no crack.

Combining with their sharpness helps grinding fast, reducing quiver with less effort, having smooth surface and high safety. No smoke and no smell annoying users. Special trial on the wheels, like one on gramophone recorder, is for safety purpose.


Appropriate for grinding surface or steels smoothly and cleaning the surface of work pieces, including grinding to remove stock, rust and welding spots and seams.


Grinding Wheel
Use Size (mm) Size (inch) Grade Grain No. Max RPM Packing (Pcs./Box) Carton (Pcs./Cart.)
Grinding Steels 100*6*16 mm 4*1/4*5/8 inch A24S 24-120 14.000 RPM 25 100
Grinding Steels 125*6*22 mm 5*1/4*7/8 inch A24S 24-120 12.300 RPM 25 100
Grinding Steels 150*6*22 mm 6*1/4*7/8 inch A24S 24-120 10.200 RPM 25 100
Grinding Steels 180*6*22 mm 7*1/4*7/8 inch A24S 24-120 8.500 RPM 25 100
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